Friday Best - Memorial Day Weekend

May 24, 2019

Gosh! Memorial Day Weekend is here - the official kick off of Summer.
How did that sneak up so quickly? Before I know it, my little Summer babies will be making an appearance....crazy!!
It's been a bit since I popped in for a Friday Best post (March to be exact). So, it felt like a good time to round out the week with a little peek at the bests of the week in my world.

best anniversary - a year ago this weekend I said goodbye to my Jess Nest & moved to the farm. We've experienced so much and completed so many projects on our little farm + shouse this past year. I plan to dedicate a full post to this little one year anniversary of moving back to my roots - stay tuned!

best weekend plans - This weekend is going to be pretty low-key for us. I plan to tie up loose ends on all the misc. projects I have going and do a good deep clean of our home. On Saturday, my Mom is coming over to assist since I move a lot slower these days. She's the best help & keeps my scatter brained self on task! The Cattleman will be going on a quick fishing trip with a group of guys (the date for that depends on the weather). Then on Sunday I'll be at my Aunt's house for a family pool day - and my cousin Emily will be in town - hip hip hooray! On Monday, my Mom and I plan to take a quick road trip up to The White Cottage (certainly an "Out West" gem) to shop a bit and graab some inventory from when we had Three Sheep Shack items in her shop through Winter.

best flower buy - I popped into a local nursery on my lunch break yesterday because we needed two more bags of mulch. Naturally, I couldn't leave without wandering the plant selection..even though I have already planted a ton and am in need zero plants. My best find was a dahlia plant for $3. I have always wanted to plant some because I adore their look. Just search them on pinterest and prepare to swoon. I posted this Pinterest image on Instagram and clearly others are as smitten as myself!

blog buddy -
my pal Emily has been back to writing on her blog - go meet her adorable baby, George!

best news - I had a 26 week check up on Monday & took my glucose test. I was extra nervous about this since you're twice as likely to develop it with twins -  but I PASSED!!! So, me and the critters (what we have dubbed the twins while they are in the womb) don't have to say goodbye to donuts. Ha! Don't worry - I feed them protein and veggies too, but sometimes you just have to give in to that donut craving. ;)

what's to come :: Life Lately : May Happenings // One Year On The Farm // Wedding Rehearsal Recap Post

I hope you all have the very best holiday weekend!

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  1. Your weekend sounds like perfection! Happy Friday :-)

  2. Yay for passing that glucose test!! And your weekend sounds amazing!!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts


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