31 Week Pregnancy Update

Jun 24, 2019

My husband and I are expecting TWINS this August.
I took this picture last week on June 18th - My Dad's 64th birthday + our 30 week ultrasound day. As of today we are 31 weeks with our twins, and I'm overdue for a bumpdate, so here we go!

I love reading other bloggers' "bumpdates" and wanted to share a few of my own here on the blog as I go through this special journey. Previous updates can be found below::
16 weeks
21 weeks
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How far along? 31 weeks today
Twins! Identical or Fraternal? Fraternal
Size of the babies? Last week at our scan Baby A was 4.9 lbs & Baby B was 3.12 lbs. Both babies are ahead of the growth curve - A is in the 99th percentile (measuring at 33 weeks) & Baby B is in the 71st percentile (measuring at nearly 32 weeks). We are shocked by their size as twins, but grateful for healthy growing babies.
Genders? We are waiting to find out until they arrive! Prolonging the suspense.
Names? The only kicker with not finding out the gender of twins is needing four names! We are set on these and have 2 of each gender and our boy/girl combo of names. We are keeping them to ourselves until the babes arrive.
How are you feeling? I'm still feeling pretty decent. The twins have taken it pretty easy on me for the most part. Definitely growing and getting worn out more easily. Both my feet and hands have been swelling. Pelvic area soreness is what gets me the most lately. But my body does think it's 35 weeks pregnant, so it's preparing for delivery.
Best moment this week? I would say celebrating so many of their soon-to-be grandparents' birthdays. We celebrated my Dad's birthday in heaven with a family dinner on Monday and a group cheers at 7pm on the 18th. Then my mom & father in law share a birthday and turned 60 on the 22nd. So we threw them a massive surprise party here at our farm. We had 120+ people here for a party and they were both so surprised and so happy!
Miss anything? Oh, the usual...IPA and cocktails. Being able to roll over easily in bed, having more than a handful of shoe options, walking up a set of stairs without getting winded...ha the list goes on.
Prep progress made -
+ Nursery progress - Cribs :: we now have both up and ready! We went with these mini cribs in white to save some space in the nursery. Decor :: I have my concept nailed down. Misc. things left to do = hang shelves + a mirror over the dresser / changing table, create two DIY floral rings, plant a snake plant in our planter, get a bracket and hang the hanging planter + add a plant. Glider :: a cousin is giving us theirs, so we are going to try that before buying one.
+ We are going to do an online parenting / birthing class because the in person options are not jiving with our schedules.
+ Diaper party - our brothers are throwing one for the Cattleman next Saturday!
+ Hospital bag - making a list and going to start packing these soon

Movement? Yea! Lots of wiggling around, kicks and hiccups in there.
Belly button? Out.
Rings? Nope. Even my silicone ones get tight at times now.
Mood? Loved, happy, blessed. Overwhelmed at times too, because...TWO babies.
Current sips -
+ Mocktails -  this one was a watermelon cucumber lemonade with margarita mix & fresh rosemary from my herb garden.

+ WellBeing Beer - A NA craft beer favorite as of late 

More pictures ::
Me + The Cattleman after the shower my Mom & Family threw. 27 week bump. 

1 year old Cattleman + Jess - these were from the shower and I had to hold on to them - too cute!

29 week bump photo

& there we have week 31, folks. It's wild to think that we will be meeting these babies in 7 weeks or less. It's crunch time!! Sometimes I feel overwhelmed, but mostly I feel calm and like we will tackle the whole new adventure - bit by bit, day by day.

cheers xx

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