Friday Best - Full moon + the 13th

Sep 13, 2019

Hi, folks! A blog post! Who am I?!
It's a full moon plus Friday the 13th - all the fun spooky vibes - today has me thinking about how I'll add Halloween decor into my Fall decor, and I think I came up with a simple plan - stay tuned!
The full moon definitely seems to throw off our babies' behaviors and routines - I noticed it last month and it's already proving true with last night's sleep + today's flow. I'm typing this and should actually be cleaning up, resting, folding laundry or sorting through hand me down clothes currently taking up space in our living room -but hey, when there's a quiet moment between feedings and I feel like writing a blog post -I'm doing it.

Let's catch up really quick - I'm currently on maternity leave with our two sweet baby girls - they are 6 weeks old! I rambled in this post recently and mentioned all the blog posts I have drafted that I still plan to share. I'd also like to capture a day in the life post to remember this maternity leave season of life with Mae & Josie - wouldn't that be fun?! (or maybe you find those posts mundane, unlike me)
But for now, a Friday Best post requires a bit less effort, so that's what will be going live. So, let's get on to the bests of this week ::

best morning habit - I have been starting my mornings of maternity leave by writing in my gratitude journal, and I am really enjoying being consistent with it. If there's a day where I can seem to sit and jot them down, I just create a note in my phone with my 3 things for the day.
best comical moments - this week I managed to break two coffee mugs two days in a row. each day I had captured an image of my mug in my Instagram story, only to follow it up with an image of my clumsiness resulting in a shattered mug..all you can do is laugh, really.

best celebration - This past Sunday was Grandparent's Day, and we decided to have our parents up to our home for an impromptu brunch. We joked that it was the most we had cooked in the 6 weeks since the girls have been born.

Well, I planned to share more, but that's all I have time for today. I have two fussy girls who are ready to eat. I'll be back another time between feedings! If you have Instagram & want to keep p with our world - you can follow me here. I'm often able to share quick bits there much easier than sitting down to write a blog post. Cheers!

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  1. I love the way you have that front area styled - too cute! And I had to laugh at the two mugs in two days...I am super clumsy, too, so I feel you. I started doing my gratitude journal in the morning, too, and it makes a world of difference. When I would do it at night, it would start to seem like a chore and be one more thing to do before bed. But now it's a great way to start the morning!


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