Happy Fall, all

Nov 9, 2019

hi. hey. hello.

I'm still here. Living that twin mom life. Loving it and all the baby coos + cuddles.
Our girls are 3 months and it's the sweetest stage.
They keep me so very busy.
I am going to work to make more time for this space.
Currently my little bit of creative free time is devoted to the Shack - pop ups, a rebrand design by Jess, & such..
Once all of that wraps up I want more time spent writing in this space. Capturing moments as memories to live on in this little piece of web space.

two quick moments to capture here::

Halloween // our girls dressed up as our sheep Millie and my Cattleman and I were the farmers tending our little herd. We celebrated by inviting family over to the farm and stayed warm and cozy at the Shouse. It was perfect.

& a picture we captured of the girls for their 3 month milestones - Mae on the left, Josie on the right. so full of personality already - and their personalities couldn't be more different.

If you have Instagram, I share a lot more of our day to day there.

Have a good weekend!

first image - Liz Marie Blog

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