Friday Best - The best of 0120

Jan 31, 2020

Here we are, closing out the first month of 2020 - one that I have thoroughly enjoyed here.
Today I'm going to recap the best of our January & highlight fun events we have coming up in February.

best celebrations - our girls turning 6 months!
we celebrated by setting up a high chair and letting them try baby oatmeal for the first time.
Mae - left, Josie - right.

We also got to celebrate our buddy George turning 1! It's fun to create memories with these 3 kiddos so early that we can look back on when they are all in high school together.

best girls night - I ventured into St. Louis last friday for a girls night with my friend Christine. Wedding planning talk (hers is in May!) + drinking fancy champagne - I was gifted this bottle when I left my job at Beacon Hill and I decided to pack it along to celebrate just because! We also had drinks & dinner at Pop champagne bar. It was right up my alley. Just what my soul needed, a little city refresh then back to the farm.

best surprise - my parent's wedding anniversary is on the 25th of January - each year we have flowers from heaven delivered to my mom at work, but this year me and the girls loaded up and hand delivered an arrangement I put together. She was so happy to see us and show off her grandbabies.

best new Shack item - our crochet baby bows!
just in time for Valentine gifting. If you're a girl mom or know a girl mom and want a chance to win one, you should head over to our Instagram page for a chance to win one!

Other best bits from the month - 
+We have had a few family snow days. Aren't those just the best?!
+ We are making progress on a room addition here at the shouse - adding a room to serve as a playroom/office/spare room and adding more closet space. Very excited for this.
+ A family wedding!
+ Some branding and beef sales for our farm
+ Creative time for my Etsy shop - I shared a long post about our shop & our why yesterday

the best to come in February
+ Feb 1. my brother's Stephen's heavenly birthday tomorrow. I talked about him in my post yesterday, his loss is our why behind The Shack. We usually celebrate with a group cheers to him at a certain time - just rallying family or friends, wherever they are, to pause and take a minute to raise a glass of whatever in his honor. Tomorrow we will be at a family gathering and will do it there - it's special to us. If you're reading this and want to partake - Feb 1st at 6PM CST. :)
+ We have a Valentine's Day friends party to attend - a party with our friends and their kids, we are working to get together monthly and I'm down for a good family friendly event 
+ We have another family gathering later in the month (Instead of Christmas gatherings - two of our extended family sides do belated gatherings in the Winter. It's a nice way to ensure everyone can make it and have something to look forward to in the dead of Winter.)
+ A 30th birthday celebration
+ Some classes I've signed up for to better my knowledge in a few categories for our small shop

& I'll leave you with the best squishy baby Mae picture!

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  1. The girls are adorable!!

  2. My goodness, Mae's cheeks are just begging to be pinched. Both girls are such cuties!!!


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