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Jan 29, 2020

These posts are a favorite, I think of them as a little girl talk session - a place where I can chat about life happenings, projects, and such.

Our girls turn SIX months today and goodness, what a ride! These two are full of personality, babbles, laughs, smiles and opinions. Rolling, scooting and getting more curious by the day.
I plan to write a post about their first six months to share here.
It's hard to believe it was only a year ago that we learned we were having twins.

I recently read this quote and loved it. I have been saying from the beginning that I want to not mourn a stage that has passed, but instead look at what is to come with excitement.
I do already find myself being nostalgic about the early days. As hard as delivery, recovery and those sleepless nights are - it's such a sweet time being in what I dubbed the "newborn bubble".

I have owned Grace Over Perfection for a few years and love the messages within the book. I remember there being a lot about motherhood that didn't pertain to me when I first was reading it, but there is lots of other value to it. Last week, I had a rough mom life day and kept thinking that I needed to give myself more Grace which made me remember this book. So I picked it back up and read a bit before bed that evening. The excerpt I read was about giving in to the mess and savoring the circus. Which was exactly what I needed to hear that day. Our twins' needs are constant, so finding free windows to tackle extra tasks is a challenge. Some days I can multitask, and other days I just need to just go with it and let the rest of the chores wait.
Her new book When Less Becomes More, looks like a good read too. It's on my want list.
I also didn't realize Emily Ley (the author) has a set of twins of her own.

I will warn you in advance. I am sick as a dog this week, so bear with me. This really is a super easy read. I promise! When we bought our house last year one thing that was a bit strange was that almost all the closet doors were missing. We later found some in ... Read More about Closet Door Alternative – Easy Drop Cloth Curtains
I have a little closet project up my sleeve for our master bathroom. We have a wardrobe piece in a nook in there. I have been thinking it would be more beneficial to move that piece and instead create a custom linen closet there. It's a nook that will require a creative door because it's too big for a regular door. I was thinking drop cloth curtains would work there, but wanted a visual. When I stumbled upon this, it was exactly what I have in mind for our nook. I'm all about maximixing the space we do have in our shouse and I think this project will be a win!

I don't have to have every season unfold to me right now.
I recently heard this quote via Sydney on Instagram when she was sharing some reflection on mom life, adult friendships and having a career. It resonated with me & is so true.
Not every season hits at once. Here I am, a first-time mom, raising twins.
A mom who planned to go back to work, but then didn't.
I'm so content in this choice that doesn't align with what I assumed I'd be - a working mom.
And that's just it. Every season doesn't have to happen at once. Some unfold to lead to new things, and some only close for a bit as you enjoy others. Right now, as a new mom, I'm in a stay home mom season. Eventually I assume I'll re-enter the workforce in some capacity. That season isn't gone forever, just for now. And right now, I'm embracing getting to be home everyday with my girls in this season.

I have wanted to grow a cut flower garden since moving to the farm and was telling the Cattleman how this is my summer to dabble in that. I've grown flowers in our vegetable garden, some zinnias in my herb garden and some lavender in our landscape - but other than that, have not put specific effort into a cut garden. I learned of the Growing Kindness Project through Instagram and signed up to be a gardener. I love their simple mission:

Grow some flowers. Give them away. That’s it. It’s humble. It’s simple. And it’s powerful.

I thought it would be the perfect way to hold myself accountable to put a plan in place and execute it for a cut flower garden. Along with that, it's a nudge to infuse kindness into our community. My garden will not be anything fancy, it will be something simple, right next to our vegetable garden. Kalin is an ambassador for the program & talks about her "low-brow" flower garden and that is exactly what mine will be. This project is welcoming to any level or gardener and it doesn'tmatter what amount of space you have to grow in. You can learn more about becoming a gardener here if you have any interest in this. Once I do some more planning I'll share the varieties I plan to grow.

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