S I M P L E - 2020's Word of the Year

Jan 21, 2020

I enjoy picking a word for the year to be a point of guidance for the year ahead. One underlying word word to ground any decisions, thoughts, or even habits. my one word.


My main goal is so simplify our life + home.

To focus on -
the present moment.
an uncomplicated daily rhythm.
the simple abundance packed into my days.

To not over-complicate matters or create self-induced stress. Opt for "good enough" over perfect. Studies show this mindset saves time, money and ends with a happier result.

Our past two years have been a whirlwind - being engaged, getting married, being pregnant with twins and becoming parents! We are so very fortunate and this year, I'm eager to settle in and appreciate all we have been blessed with.

Soak up this sweet season of being new parents and raising our baby girls.

There's magic to be found in the mundane,
and in 2020, more simple little moments like these are what I'm after.

spending time on our front porch

rocking in these chairs with the girls in theirs

strolls around the farm with the girls

the simple beauty in pulling into our farm drive

There you have it - what SIMPLE looks like to me for in 2020- it always brings this Florida Georgia Line song to mind.

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